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ScopeRise has moved!  Thanks to the efforts and Scope dedication of Admin Valis from the ScopeUsers forum the ScopeRise content is now fully integrated with the forum itself. 

This month we run an article on how to use Harrison Mixbus with Scope.  Also we have included previous DAW oriented articles, such that the ScopeRise presented here becomes a guide to using Scope with various DAWS.  So far we have covered Cubase, Studio One, Harrison Mixbus, Reason and Samplitude.

We are looking to expand the DAW series in time so that incoming new XITE-1 owners have a starting point to use Scope with their favorite DAW.  Even though DAW versions have progress since the writing of these articles, we hope the fundamentals will still apply.

Keep an eye on SuperBooth this year between 15th and 18th September as Ferrofish and Sonic Core display their unique products and synergy.  The unique Pulse 16 by Ferrofish allows (for example) Bitwig, Ableton Live and Reason users to control their Eurorack parameters straight from their DAW and has many other applications.

The Scope Users Forum has also received some makeovers and hosting upgrades in recent years to ensure it remains an up to date, permanent, vibrant portal on the Scope landscape.  The Scope Users portal also has a home page featuring a great beginners guide.


Continuing our sequencer quick start guides, GregH (a.k.a. SiriusBliss) gives us the low down on hooking up Samplitute   Running out of CPU for VST instruments  or real time effects?  Balance your load by leveraging SCOPE DSP and run more VST stuff than you ever could before.   Sunmachine gives us a timely addition to our DAW integration series with this informative piece on PreSonus Studio One.   Get the best of both worlds.  The digital precision of Scope with the Analog sound of the console that produced 'Thriller', and many Queen and Zappa hits.

Nebelfuerst gives us an informative run down on how to integrate Abelton Live with Scope.


If large sample libraries see your Scope workstation running out of steam then Reason/Record can come to the rescue.

  Back in issue #04 we looked at Reason integration.  But Reason has now come of age with new implications for Scope users.

Scope PCI Cards from a bygone era are still useful for many musicians today.  So how do we get those aging capacitors fixed ?

SCOPE - Making Obsolescence Obsolete

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