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ScopeRise has moved!  Thanks to the efforts and Scope dedication of Admin Valis from the ScopeUsers forum the ScopeRise content is now fully integrated with the forum itself. 

As for the direction of ScopeRise itself it will become more of a promotional tool for artists that use Scope and be more oriented to content relating to marketing and monetization of the music they create.  To start that ball rolling both myself and Shay Dan have new releases on BandCamp and we will look at other portals and platforms that we can use to turn a buck.  Check out further detail from the ScopeRise mini issue #28 as well as their respective album cover links below.

ScopeRise will also provide links to Sonic Core and the Scope Users Forum for further information and promotion of the Scope platform.  Sonic Core have put in a lot of effort in the superb graphical presentation of Scope Zone in the past 2 years especially in regards to the XITE-1 DSP Platform

The Scope Users Forum has also received some makeovers and hosting upgrades in the last year or so to ensure it remains an up to date, permanent, vibrant portal on the Scope landscape.  The Scope Users portal also has a home page featuring a great beginners guide.

From time to time we will also recycle worthy historic ScopeRise articles.  This month we revisit Harder Sound from Issue #1 as the Scope proficient Catscratch has kept up with producing some top notch releases since the first issue of ScopeRise (gotta do my first reggae track sometime). This page will be updated periodically throughout 2019 to capture any developments in Scope and related software, artists releases and promotion portals.


ScopeUsers forum - also known as PlanetZ - is the number one community source of information about the Scope DSP platform.   Dante's debut album is available on Bandcamp and is mastered exclusively on the Sonic Core XITE-1D platform and 96KHz.   Group of Light's release 'The Hive' is available on Bandcamp and mixed/mastered on the Sonic Core XITE-1 platform   Promote and sell your Scope produced music on Bandcamp.  A premier on line music promotional portal.

Scope is produced by Sonic Core.  Visit their website above for further insights and information about the Scope DSP products.


Promote and sell your Scope produced music on Ditto.  A premier on line music promotional portal with distribution to iTunes and Spotify.

This ScopeRise Issue #1 article is worth another look as Andrew Harder is still producing top notch dub reggae mixes.

One of the best ways to build skills in music production and performance is to try and emulate your favorite artists.

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